STANDFON Company produces elegant and easy to assemble flexible modular systems for the hi-fi sets since 1995.

The systems consist of rack-optimized and custom-made circular cross-section profiles (posts) made of aluminium-magnesium alloys, which are mounted to individual profiles (crosspieces) and complemented by anti-resonance elements.

We currently offer the following types of racks: Triangel2 (3 posts) and Quattro (4 posts) in several standard modifications, in which it is also possible to choose the height of floors, number of shelves and surface treatment. We can also modify the product according to customerĀ“s request.

All products are characterized by a balanced ratio of stability, strength, versatility and quality in combination with a design that fits into any interior space, including the modernly designed areas.

Build your hi-fi system on a solid base.

Other brands: Plinius T+A Furutech Lehmannaudio ASR AUDIO SYSTEME Silver Audio Solid Tech